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"Never judge people through the prism of stereotypes" ~ Queen Rania of Jordan, 1970 -

Use our advanced technology to improve your recruitment

Hiring the wrong person is frustrating, expensive and time consuming. Getting the right person, first time, is about more than just qualifications and experience. How well will they fit the role? How well will they fit your culture? Will they bring something new to the team? Will they stay?

Our technology can help you answer those questions before you hire the candidate.

More science, less instinct

To succeed, your organisation must be lean, efficient and effective with the right people in the right roles. Those employees must be motivated and committed to what they do.

How do you make certain that the people you recruit are the most suitable, most dedicated individuals who share your vision and ambition?

Simple! You rely less on instinct and put more trust in the science of psychometric assessmemts.

See beyond the CV

For the candidate, the recruitment process is a marketing exercise - use the CV, references and interview to present the best possible case for selection.

For you, the recruiter, the challenge is to see beyond that self-promotion and assess whether or not this candidate is the best fit for the role and the best fit for your culture. Getting the choice wrong should not be an option.

As an authorised distributor of the Prevue HR platform, working closely with Coensus UK, Prevue HR's master distributor in the UK, we can help you harness the power of the global leader in bringing science and technology to the recruitment process.

We will show you the real person behind the CV. By accurately and reliably assessing their mental abilities, their motivation and interests and their personality, you will make better choices and select the individual who not only fits the job, but also best fits your organisation and enhances your existing team.

Find out who we can help improve your recruitment processes.

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