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"Don't wait. The time will never be just right" ~ Napoleon Hill, 1883 - 1970

Are you looking for proven world-class people development solutions to improve performance and productivity in your business?

Your organisation's performance and productivity will be improved by LMI's world-class people development solutions.

Foundations of Success

No matter how hard we work, or how organised we are, there will always be more to do than we can get done. The secret to success, then, is not doing more stuff, but doing more of the important stuff, more often.

The LMI Foundations of Success workshop will give you much needed reminders and some inspirational, fresh insights into what it takes to achieve more with your time and make real progress where others get lost being 'busy'. The workshop introduces concepts and practical tools used by many thousands of organisations and countless individuals to realise more of their true potential.

Identifying success

Identifying the really important things that lead to real results from all of the things demanding attention is what makes successful people successful — and our workshop will help you focus in on the important stuff and achieve even more than you already do.

Gain these benefits from attending

Who is LMI?

LMI is a world leader in professional development and we have found the Foundations of Success workshop to be a really positive and friendly introduction to LMI's unique leadership and management development solutions. Find out more about LMI here.

As an LMI UK licencee, FL ProDev has run these workshops with hundreds of managers and leaders across the east of England in recent years with incredible results. We are delighted to invite business owners and directors, as well as HR / L&D / training managers to attend our Foundations of Success workshop.

If this will be the first time someone from your organisation has attended one of our workshops you may qualify for a substantial discount for yourself, or a key person you'd like to send on your behalf, so you can experience first hand the results we help our clients achieve.

Expert facilitation

Your workshop will be facilitated by an LMI Director, all of whom are experienced business managers, not just trainers. LMI directors lead teams, deal directly with clients and know what it's like to handle all these pressures each day. They use the tools from this workshop to keep them on track and they recommend them to you. Without them they would be a lot less effective and they know that many of these things will be especially helpful to people in your organisation, too.

Truly effective training

We know that you'll be familiar with a wide range of training courses... some more effective than others. You'll be aware that for busy people, after that initial spike of post-course enthusiasm, often the back-at-work routine kicks in, the emails stack up and those new ideas and great intentions can find themselves gathering dust on the shelf (along with the course manual).

At LMI we understand that completely. We understand how people learn and how long-term changes are made. We use all of our experience from working with thousands of people across eighty countries to make sure that everything we do is designed to make a lasting impact.

CPD accredited

All delegates receive a CDP certificate with 4 hours of CPD time (except complimentary places). To confirm the eligibility of the LMI workshop for CPD time please visit

It's all about results...

Investing precious time and money in training has to make a tangible, bottom-line impact on the business.

"More time... more profits... less stress... greater control... focus... balance... happiness!"

These are just some of the words that our clients have used to describe how things have changed for them as a result of their attending the Foundations of Success Workshop and beginning to work with us. What each person gains from it will be personal to them... but our experience with hundreds of UK leaders, managers, business owners and sales professionals gives us this confidence - THEY CERTAINLY WILL GAIN!


"I left the room buzzing with ideas, most of which I have put into place and we are now getting through more work, charging more time, spending less time on unprofitable activities and generally feel a lot more in control. I eulogise your services to anyone who'll listen!"

- Michael Kiy (MD, Yes We Do Websites)

"I thought I would get the usual tips and unrealistic suggestions. What I got was a real practical toolkit and a burning desire to review how I work. I feel back in the room and in control of my workload. Watch out...I feel enabled!"

- Tracey Neuman (Director, BHLC)

"I have already started to implement the actions and I find myself completing tasks and strangely having free time too! I can honestly say I think what I learned will change my life!"

- Adam Petford (Owner, The Biz Links)

Standard cost per delegate: - £249 plus VAT (includes certificate for 4 hours CPD time).

If you are the first person from your organisation to attend a Foundations of Success workshop, you can claim a substantial discount on the cost of your place.

'First attendee from the company' delegate cost: - £49 plus VAT (includes certificate for 4 hours CPD time).

Please use our web enquiry for to find out whether you qualify for a discount.

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