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"The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new" ~ Socrates, 470-399 BC

Life changing productivity improvements for you and the team you lead.

Part of LMI's Total Leader® concept, the 'Effective Personal Productivity' programme is a significant milestone in the professional development of all managers and leaders.

As the first of four Total Leader programmes, 'Effective Personal Productivity' helps key people within the organisation to:

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  • Become highly organised and effective in their own area of day-to-day responsibility.
  • Set and track personal and team goals, manage priorities and hit project deadlines.
  • Improve delegation and communication skills, enabling the right work to be done the right way by the right people.
  • Identify and implement areas for continual improvement in and outside of work, maintaining a healthy well-balanced life.

For more than 50 years, LMI has led the world in personal development programmes and worked across the UK with hundreds of managers and leaders on this programme with genuinely astounding results.

We are delighted to share the details with you now so that you can decide for yourself whether this is the perfect next step in your own development, or for those for whom you have responsibility.

Below, you'll find more information about this programme, including a 100% money-back guarantee, making your first experience of the unique LMI process entirely without risk.

'Effective Personal Productivity' is made up from 6 carefully designed lessons, each of which opens the door to significant productivity improvements:

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1. The nature of productivity

  • Defining productivity
  • Attitudes toward goal setting and planning
  • External circumstances and interacting with others
  • Practices and procedures
  • Identifying a productivity baseline
  • Identifying high pay off activities
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2. Productivity through goals achievement

  • Positive self-image
  • Personal and business goals
  • The goal setting process
  • The power of written goals
  • Finding time for goal setting and planning
  • Tracking and feedback
  • Affirmation and visualisation
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3. Managing priorities

  • Priorities in all areas of life
  • Handling interruptions
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Saying 'no'
  • Paperwork and efficient work areas
  • Appointments and commitments
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4. Improving productivity through communication

  • Time for communicating
  • Empathy, listening and effective questions
  • Writing for maximum impact
  • Using technology effectively
  • Emails
  • Communicating with groups
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5. Improving the team for peak productivity

  • The empowerment imperative
  • The benefits of empowerment
  • Maximising the value of time
  • Attitudes to delegation
  • Developing team players through delegation
  • The four levels of delegation
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6. Increasing productivity of the team

  • Sharing and communcating goals
  • Creating a learning environment
  • Self-directed work teams
  • Staff training
  • Efficient procedures
  • Productive meeting strategies
  • Celebrating success

Designed for success

  • Pre-course self evaluation and optional psychometric profile report
  • Win-Win agreement - course objectives agreed up front and measured throughout the programme
  • Lesson content in written and audio format (most learning happens using the audio during travel)
  • Online, digital option available
  • Three-way feedback report for every lesson - course facilitator / participant / (optionally) line manager or mentor
  • Personal plan of action unique to the particpant's situation
  • Personal and business goal setting
  • Goal tracking tools
  • Mid-course evaluation with money back guarantee redeemable at the half-way stage
  • Course-end report and presentation
  • Individual post-course follow up

Summary of what's included...

Expert coaching and facilitation

Course materials in written and audio formats

Optionally, online digital format

Planning tools and templates

Personal support throughout the programme

No-nonsense money-back guarantee

Book today and get all this for:

£2,500 + VAT

With our money-back guarantee

Our no-nonsense money-back guarantee

Our guarantee to you is that, if you reach the midway point of this programme and, having completed all of the prescribed elements of the course to that stage, are not satisfied, we will promptly return 100% of the fees paid.

This generous offer comes with our certainty that anyone reaching the half way point of this course will have seen real benefits and will want to complete the course.

Knowing that you will receive a refund if you're not entirely satisfied, gives you the confidence to book the course risk free.


How long?

There are six ninety minute lesson review workshops, which typically take place every second week, plus 1:1 pre and post-course meetings.


This programme is coached 1:1 or in small groups (max 6 participants) either at the client's premises or at an alternate, mutually-convenient location. Optionally, you can choose to study this course online. All studying is done when you choose to so that it best fits your personal circumstances.


Available in 1 - 4 or 1 - 6 lesson formats (see above), the 6 lesson format is ideal for those with direct reports, from supervisor / team-leader to director level, and in 4 lesson format for anyone at any level interested in maximising their personal productivity.


Choose between online, digital materials or hardcopy, printed materials. Both versions include the lessons in audio format. Goal setting and tracking tools, self-evaluation questionnaires, electronic planning templates and more are included.


As well as regular review workshops, 1:1 support is provided throughout the programme, by phone, email and face-to-face. A post-course follow up meeting is also included.


Course fees are £2,500 + VAT per participant. Substantial discounts are available for group bookings.


All of our courses are facilitated by one of LMI's directors, all of whom are directly supervised by LMI UK, are trained to deliver these programmes and are highly experienced business people in their own right.

FL ProDev?

FL ProDev Ltd is licenced by LMI UK to deliver LMI programmes in the UK (see the LMI team here). As a registered UK learning provider (UKPRN: 10062789) and a member of the CPD Certification Service, we are well placed to assist your personal development.

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LMI has a huge library of reviews, testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations from previous participants:

opening speechmarks

Our sales manager was the first to go on this programme and he immediately made some changes, which led to significant improvements in the performance of the sales team.

Since then, I and five others from HBT have enrolled on this course. The programme has helped us prioritise, improve internal communications and has helped me to delegate more effectively so I can focus on the strategic development of the business.

I wish we had done this years ago!

opening speechmarks

- Zamurad Hussain (Managing Director, HBT Communications)

opening speechmarks

It really does make a difference!!

The team here at Focus has just completed the productivity course, and I must say what a breath of fresh air!

I can recommend this to anyone who would like to be more productive in both business and personal life; it really does make a difference.

opening speechmarks

- Robert Dunkley (Focus Ceramics)

opening speechmarks

A brilliant, life-changing course.

I recommend it to any business owner or leader.

opening speechmarks

- Tony Gow (Owner, The Private Mortgage Co.)

opening speechmarks

It's AMAZING how much more productive you can be!

I had not anticipated that I would develop skills in all areas of personal management.

It's the little things that make a lot of difference. It is amazing how much more productive you can be by making minor alterations in lots of areas.

I can 100% recommend this LMI programme.

opening speechmarks

- Rebecca Fahy (Director, Jigsaw CCS Ltd)

opening speechmarks

By far the best course I've been on. Its pragmatice approach is perfect for a training sceptic like me and the tangible increase in productivity I experienced across all areas from week one was incredible.

I would recommend this training without hesitation to to all who are serious about becoming a more effective leader.

opening speechmarks

- Jez Currin (Director, The Media Collection)

opening speechmarks

I am extremely pleased with the results!

I have developed habits and systems that make my use of time, my abilit to delegate, and the way I empower my team, much more effective than they were previously.

opening speechmarks

- Chris Plant (Birmingham Chamber Group)

opening speechmarks

This course fits with our business extremely well. Our project managers are very busy and work extremely hard. We can't afford for them to be away from the business for extended periods of time. The combination of material in written and audio form and the two-weekly facilitation events suited our business very well.

The programme would work for any business. It's about the person and this programme helps them become a much better manager and a much better leader.

opening speechmarks

- Paul Alderton (Communications Director, Instalcom Ltd)

Case Study - Instalcom Ltd

See how Instalcom and their 30 plus participants are benefiting from LMI's Effective Personal Productivity programme.