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"To improve your business, first improve yourself" ~ Idowu Koyenikan

Structured Coaching for Personal Development

In this fast moving world, companies must implement strategic changes quickly and effectively if they are to thrive. Accelerate the development of your people, or face the real risk of being left behind by existing and highly motivated, new competitors.

You may already know what changes you need to make in your company or in your personal life, but all leaders need a process to facilitate and support those changes.

That's where we excel - utilising the time-tested and proven LMI professional development programmes as a structured starting point, we work with you to develop a unique, tailored and flexible development process that amplifies potential, improves personal and organisational performance and builds real leadership capabilities.

Your target must be to develop a complete set of leadership skills - in yourself, and importantly, in as many of your team as possible. To do less is to miss irreplaceable opportunities to maximise the performance of your organisation and achieve more of your and its goals.

Success in four areas will maximise your leadership skills and make success assured.

Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity is the foundation of all effective leadership and a key requirement for success in every area of life, yet many people lack the effective self-management they need to achieve their desired results. Our development process using LMI's world-class content will help you and members of your organisation:

Our personal productivity comes from efficiency in all areas of our lives achieved through excellent and consistent self-management. It is an essential skill and the basis for our ability to effectively lead ourselves and others.

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Download the 'Effective Personal Productivity' course synopsis

Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is the core of an individual's character. It's a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organisation in the outside world or interacts with others inside the organisation. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how we perform, respond and lead. Our training based on LMI's proven development material will help individuals in your organisation:

Download the 'Effective Personal Leadership' course synopsis

Motivational Leadership

Motivational Leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others. Unfortunately, many people lack the necessary traits to execute these skills. Using LMI's content as a basis for a tailored and flexible programme, we'll enable you to increase innovation by helping you and your team:

Download the 'Effective Motivational Leadership' course synopsis

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership is the ability to define and develop the purpose of the organisation, determine its key strategies, select the right people for the right roles, and oversee the processes required to achieve success. Using LMI's time-proven content as a basis, we will help you:

Download the 'Effective Strategic Leadership' course synopsis

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Are LMI development programmes right for you?

  • Affordable with measurable return on investment
  • Low time requirement - fits around current activities
  • Completed in weeks, not months or years
  • Individually tailored to specific roles
  • Accredited for CPD time
  • Also available as a levy-funded apprenticeship

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